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Why do we need anti-gravity?

Updated: Nov 3, 2021

This is an answer I provided on Quora?

This is an incredibly important question and it is certainly something that I talk about at great length in my book, “The Master of Reality.” In my book I provide the solution for the central cause of gravity. Once I realized how gravity was created from the accelerated motion of unbalanced charges I was able to work out how anti-gravity worked. With a few weeks of effort I was able to add the theory of anti-gravity to my theory of gravity. Both are a part of the Theory of Super Relativity.

Anti-gravity is vitally important to mankind. Ultimately, it is the most important discovery that will happen in the history of humanity. The discovery of anti-gravity which is fully explained in my book will lead to the following life-changing and life-saving technologies.

All of the following items listed below will be possible as a result of being able to build hovercrafts that travel at enormous speed within our atmosphere and through outer space. 

Here is a small list of life saving technologies that will be available to mankind.

  1. Super Car Ambulance. A Super Ambulance will be able to travel great distances in a matter of minutes. The super ambulance can take a sick or seriously injured person to any specialized hospital in under 5 minutes. This will save thousands of lives every year. A Super Ambulance can fly in a straight line from the hospital to the person in need of help. All road traffic and stop lights and intersections can be avoided. An ambulance trip that might take 30 minutes to happen via highways can be reduced to 2 minutes or less.

  2. Super Truck Transport. Whenever there is a major catastrophe anywhere in the world medical supplies and personnel can be moved across the ocean as soon as the trucks can be loaded with supplies. Let us say there was a tidal wave that struck Fiji we can have supplies and medical people there in under an hour.

  3. Anti-gravity technology also leads to faster than light propulsion system. In my book this is described as a technology that uses the SlipWave Spatial Bias Drive. This technology allows space craft to be built that can travel to any star in our galaxy within a matter of minutes. This will allow mankind to establish colonies on other worlds. This eventually will provide humanity with safe havens in the case of some worldwide catastrophe that is not preventable. Mankind must be able to bi-locate to other worlds.

  4. Anti-gravity propulsion systems will allow mankind to establish a space defense system. The Space Defense System uses unmanned drones to repel meteors and comets that are on a collision course with the earth.

  5. Eventually because of mankind activities on earth and the fact that our sun is also slowly burning hotter and hotter we will be able to establish the Project Sunshade solution. Project Sunshade is a technology that can be deployed with the use of anti-gravity drones. The drones can be used to assemble a blinding system that will shield the earth from excessive amounts of radiant heat energy. In other words, we can fix the global warming problem by allowing the earth to be cooled down by blocking a small percentage of incoming radiant heat energy. I recommend a 2 percent sun block to start with.

  6. Project Sunshade can also be used to kill hurricanes and prevent disasters in the Caribbean and Pacific oceans.

  7. Project Sunshade could also be used to block Damaging Solar Flare radiation which could cause trillions of dollars of damage to our planets power grid infrastructure.

Anti-gravity hover crafts will change the world in a way that could lead to a Utopian Society.

  1. The creation of the Super Car. The Super Car is an autonomous space craft that will be used mostly near the earth’s surface. The Super Car can easily achieve speeds greater than 50,000 miles per hour inside the earth’s atmosphere. The Super Car can do this by using the SlipWave. This technology allows the Super Car driver to avoid lethal inertial effects caused by rapid acceleration. It also allows the Super Car to travel within the atmosphere at Mach 70 or greater without experiencing atmospheric friction to the exterior of the Super Car.

  2. The Super Car will give the people of Earth more freedom than they have ever had. A person can get up in the morning get in their Super Car and travel from anywhere to Paris in 5 minutes. They could have breakfast in Paris shop for a while on the lovely streets. Then when they get hungry hop in the Super Car and fly to Rome for lunch. Do a little sight-seeing and still be able to get home in time for a mid-afternoon nap.

  3. Super Cars will make commuting to a job simple and easy. I live in Florida and I could easily commute to a job in Seattle in under 10 minutes. All this and more will be possible because of anti-gravity hovercrafts.

So, my answer is we definitely do need anti-gravity technology. The sooner we get it the better off we will be. The good news is this technology is possible in our lifetime. In the last chapter of my book I invite the world to do experiments that will prove the existence of anti-gravity. I challenge the physicists of this world to do the experiments described in the last chapter. 

The answer to this question will also be listed in my Blog.

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