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Was all of reality, including space, time, causality, and math, set into motion by God?

Deep questions are my favorite questions.

This question must first be understood as to what are you really asking. In order to do this, I must define the many pieces of this question.

What is reality?

1. the world or the state of things as they actually exist, as opposed to an idealistic or notional idea of them. 

2. the state or quality of having existence or substance.

So according to these definitions reality is something that exists independently of our concepts that describe reality. So, I believe that you are asking about our Universal, material reality which can be defined as an objective reality. An objective reality means that something is actual (so it exists) independent of the mind. 

The next part of the question to be analyzed is the word “space.” I believe that space is a real physical object (an aspect of Objective Reality). Therefore, space can be included as an element of our physical reality. 

The next word to be understood is “time.” Time is not a physical thing it is something we experience in this physical reality. Time intervals can be observed only because Space is a real physical object (an aspect of Objective Reality) that is composed of a substance that enables there to be a physical distance or metric. Now since we have a real physical metric of space, time can be experienced. D=R*T. In order for time to exist as an observable experience of living sentient beings this must be true. “T=D/R” There must exist a real physical distance to be traversed at some constant rate of speed. Not an infinitely fast speed. Time loses meaning if there is no real physical space to be traversed or the maximum allowable speed is infinite. As long as these two situations don’t exist in this Universe we will have measurable time intervals. Measurable time intervals are something that are perceived. This means that time is an (aspect of reality that is subjective).

Causality is the next thing to be defined.

  1. the relationship between cause and effect.

  2. the principle that everything has a cause.

Causality is a complex concept. Causality means we observe real physical objects moving in space and interacting with other objects. We perceive these interactions as events that occur at varying time intervals. Consequently, the recognition of causality requires a real objective reality that is observed or perceived. Since it is observed time also has a subjective reality component.

The final word to be analyzed is “math.” Math is not something that exists it is a language that humans invented to describe physical reality. It is an abstract science of numbers, quantity, and space.

Subsequently, your question lumps all of these different aspects of our human reality into a single world view. I am okay with that for the sake of this discussion.

So now the question has become, “Is everything that we humans perceive as our reality been set in motion by something way above us?” I am going to assume that by something way above us, you mean God.

To answer that question, I have had to determine for myself if a God exists. I have beyond any shadow of a doubt confirmed for myself that God exists. It would take chapters worth of text to present that proof. All of that evidence will eventually be placed in my blog on my website for those who are interested. Blog | Mark Fiorentino author of Super Relativity Theory

Much of my evidence concerning whether God created the Universe comes from NDE experiences. Here are some quotes from famous Near-Death Experiences. These people say the same thing. God created not just this Universe but an infinite number of dimensions and Universes. 

Howard Storm a Near Death Experiencer was able to ask the people in heaven this question.

Question: Where did the creation come from?

There was never time, space, or matter before God. The angels refer to God in many ways, but the term most often used is The One. God is The One because God is the source of everything. There is NO THING other than God. Everything came from God and everything returns to God.

They explained to me in a way I could understand that God is like an artist who creates for the sheer pleasure of creating. One of our attributes that is in the image and likeness of God is our desire to create. We are creative not only as artists, musicians, writers, and performers, but as parents, workers, healers, lovers, and learners. God creates universes, which in turn became procreative. There are countless intelligent beings in the universe we inhabit and infinitely more in universes that occupy other dimensions. God is present to all the creation.

Storm, Howard. My Descent Into Death (pp. 68-69). Potter/Ten Speed/Harmony/Rodale. Kindle Edition. 

Another example comes from Father Rick Wendell who also had a Near Death Experience.

After Rick Wendells NDE, he now knows there is a God.

“All of the material Universe is within God. There is nothing that is separate or outside of God.

All of the Universe has to correspond to laws. God set those laws. They are immutable. They are unchanging over time.

Time does not exist. It is not a physical thing. God is outside of time and is not affected by it.”

There are many more examples. The pattern is clear. There is a God. There is an after-life/before-life. So, the answer to the question above is a definite yes. According to my research God through the Power of Intention created this Universe. Then afterwards the Universe itself via cause and effect became procreative. All of the procreation is in accordance with God’s plan.

I have always found that if you want to know how something works go to the Creator of that something and ask Him directly how it works.

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