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What are the problems with the theory of gravity?

This blog entry comes from an answer I gave on Quora. The other answers I refer to here can be found on Quora as answers to the above question.

I read over the other answers first to get a feel for what everyone else is thinking. The varied answers point out the first of many problems concerning the theory of gravity? The very first problem is that there is no consensus on what gravity is. If the theory of gravity was a solved problem everyone would know how to properly define it and they all would be giving the same answer. There are at least 30 different theories of gravity. Twenty-eight of them coming from Quantum Mechanics and 2 coming from classical physics theory. The two coming from classical theory are Newton’s theory which gives us a very close calculable approximation. The other is Einstein’s General relativity that gives a more accurate approximation.

The twenty-eight Quantum Field theories have all been a failure. The two semi-successful classical gravitational theories are incomplete because neither theory tells us what the origin of mass is or how action at a distance mechanically works. The gravitational field is an example of attraction or action at a distance. The two successful theories also break down under certain special circumstances. Those breakdowns have been correctly described in other answers for this question. The breakdowns happen with General Relativity when it is used to try to describe black holes. I am talking about the infinities problems that happen. The other problem is with Newton’s theory that does not properly predict the 43'' per century precession of the perihelion of Mercury.

The explanation for why up until the theory of Super Relativity we have not achieved a successful theory of gravity is simple and straightforward. The model we have attempted to use for solving the gravity problem has been incorrect. The Force of Gravity is not the result of a particle to particle interaction. That idea is the foundation of all QM models. According to QM particles are the carriers of force therefore there must be an associated particle to mediate the force of gravity. Physicists have failed to prove the existence of the theorized Graviton. Without the existence of the graviton the Standard Model proves to be incorrect. So, thanks to Niels Bohr and Max Born and Heisenberg theoretical physicists for the past century were all led down into the rabbit hole. Theoretical Particles Physics has remained there ever since.

The standard model has kept all of our leading physicists tied up continually trying to explain the gravitational force as a particle to particle interaction when in reality the gravitational force really comes about as a result of particle to space interaction. So, what we now have is the standard model which has incorrectly defined force as being caused by particle to particle interaction. On the other hand, force is properly explained in the Super Relativity model as being caused by three types of direct deformations (or bending) of the continuous quasi-elastic solid of space. These 3 types of deformations are the electrostatic field the magnetic field and the gravitational field. These forces have no particle that mediates them. These bending type forces cause stresses and tensions with in the physical medium of space. These stresses and tensions cause topological changes in the physical medium and it is these physical changes that cause action at a distance.

Within the super Relativity Model these 3 forces emerge as slightly different aspects of a single fundamental field. That single fundamental field is space itself. Space has a physical metric that can be modified through the process of mechanical deformation. This is the proper pathway that leads to force Unification. Since the QM model has improperly defined force there is no chance for it to lead to the Unified Field Theory solution. This is why for past 100 years we have failed achieve a successful theory of gravity. Ultimately the mathematical solutions provided by Quantum Mechanics cannot be used to tell us how things really work. This mathematical model is ill suited for the task. The predictive success of certain types of large-scale measurements based in statistical analysis and probabilities has seduced almost all the mainstream theoretical physicists into generating an immense set of false doctrines and interpretations. Instead of realizing that all of the failed attempts at explaining gravity are a direct indication of a flawed theory they simply try over and over again to get a square peg to fit into a round hole.

Therefore, to fix the gravity problem we must simply have a full understanding of what gravity is truly caused by. The full explanation in high detail is supplied in my book Master of Reality. According to Super Relativity the short answer is that gravity is caused by the accelerated motion of unbalanced charges within the medium of a real physical space. When this type of motion happens, the accelerating particle causes the space in and around the accelerating particle to contract.

The act of contraction is what we call inertia. The object that is being forced to accelerate will resist being accelerated whenever the contraction happens. Inertia now has a physical mechanical explanation and is now tied to gravity. Since according to my theory gravity can be equated to a simple contraction of space then we now have a real physical explanation for what gravity is and how it occurs. One should come to realize that rest mass is an incorrect concept. The reason that particles like neutrons and protons appear to have rest mass is because the mass (or should I say gravitational field) is in reality being generated by the quarks inside these particles. The quarks are unbalanced charges moving in a highly accelerated motion. That type of motion of the particles within space causes space to contract in the vicinity of the accelerating quarks. Until the day comes when everyone agrees that the theory of Super Relativity is the one and only correct model that must be used to explain the central cause of gravity the problem of achieving the correct theory of gravity will remain and we will not advance.

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