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The Inspirational NDE of Father Rick Wendell

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

In this post I would like to provide an example of a powerful NDE that happened to Rick Wendell and the miraculous experiences that followed. I found this NDE after I completed my book. Amazingly his account details that everything that exists is part of God. He even uses the word intention. My theory states that this material Universe has emerged into reality via God by using the Power of Intension.

Rick's NDE and his personal religious experiences that happened at Medjugorje Yugoslavia led Rick to becoming a Catholic Priest. In this video he mentions that God created the Universe and the laws of physics that govern this dimension. These things were accomplished through God's Intentions. He also discusses that time is not a real thing. He attempts to describe why we are able to experience time here in this dimension. I can tell you that time is difficult to explain. According to the theory of Super Relativity two things must be true within a physical dimension in order for time to be experienced and manifested in this Universe.

1. There must exist a real physical space that has 3 dimensions.

2. There must also exist a maximum finite rate of motion of physical objects within this dimension (the speed of light). Once you have those two things time intervals will be observable and events can be orderly and comprehensible.

He talks about much more and his account demonstrates that God is not just a Universal God he is also a Personal God. He and Jesus love everyone and wants what is best for us. This is good news for all of humanity no matter what your religious beliefs are.

I invite everyone to add comments and relay any personal religious experiences that they may have had. I invite all comments whether you agree or disagree we need to all start talking about the many important issues that Rick's NDE reveals.

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