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Mark Fiorentino, a self-taught Metaphysician who worked as an accomplished troubleshooter for technology companies like IBM and Harris Government Systems. I worked primarily as a computer and electronics technician and developed many award-winning, state of the art software programs that solved problems concerning failure analysis of electronic assemblies and computer systems.


It was in the summer of 1964 when I was first introduced to Einstein and the idea of the Unified Field Theory. At that time, I was just 9 years old and was greatly impressed by this man and his idea of uniting the forces of nature. I continued learning about Einstein and worked on developing my own Theory of Everything.

It is now over 50 years later and the dream has been realized.


the Book

Secrets of the Universe Revealed

The following questions are now answered:

1. The Unified Field Theory solution.
2. What is the origin of mass?
3. What is the mechanical explanation for the
autonomous motions of sub-atomic particles?
4. Can we break the light speed barrier? 
5. What is the Slip Wave Bias Drive technology
and how can it be used to break the light speed
6. What are the Primary Forces of Nature?
7. Are the Forces of Nature symmetrical? The
short answer to that is yes.
8. Is it possible to construct an anti-gravity
field? The short answer to that is yes.
9. What is the fundamental explanation for
the mechanics of anti-gravity and greater
than light-speed travel?
10. How was the Universe created?
11. How will the Universe end?
12. How can we safeguard humanity until
the end of time?
13. Will the technologies in this book
lead to a Utopian society? That is my hope.

14. What is the Stellar Converter?


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